Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08

Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08 1
Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08 2
Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08 3
Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08 4
Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08 5
Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08 6
Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08 7
Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08 8
Delivery of KPS02 & KPS08

Another milestone delivery took place for our company,

SeaBright was selected from the KARADENIZ Energy Group to supply the total lighting package or 2 new major convertion projects of the company.

Karapowership is the the biggest built, owned and operated fleet in the world, designed to meet energy needs quickly and consistently, from 36 MW to 470 MW. A Powership is an exceptional marine vessel – a floating powerhouse resource, with an electrical generating station installed on it.

In 2009, the Karadeniz Powership – an auxiliary branch of the Turkey based Karadeniz Energy Group, took the initiative of designing and developing its own “Power ships” to accomplish the mission of establishing the world’s first Powership fleet.

The proposed, designed and developed Karadeniz Powerships are expected to fulfill the urgent electricity requirements across the countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

The current fleet has the capacity of producing more than 750 MW of electricity and with the additional ships scheduled for completion soon; the total fleet capacity is anticipated to surpass 2,000 MW.

The operation area of these power ships will be mapped across 15 countries, mostly in the Middle East and South Asia and in North Africa as well. Powerships are no ordinary vessels but are built using special technology. They can be operated both on liquid fuels (HFO/RFO) and natural gas with an option of duel fuel.

Even at various high voltage levels, these Powerships can provide uninterrupted electricity as per the requirements of the involving countries.

We would like to thank all of the Karadeniz Energy Group people that trusted our brand, as well as to congratulate our agent in the market of Turkey, PEGU Maritime for the great and long-term collaboration.